Los Vascos Winery

Los Vascos became one of the first international wine companies established in Chile after Domaines Barons de Rothschild-Lafite acquired it in 1988. Los Vascos means ‘The Basques’ in honor of its Basque origins.

Located in the sunny valley of Colchagua, specifically, Marchigüe, all the harvesting at this vineyard is done by hand. This is the largest vineyard in the central Colchagua Valley at the foot of Mount Cañeten and the oldest grapevines are over 70 years old.

Because of its location near the Pacific Ocean, the winery offers a favorable microclimate and the perfect formula for the production of wines. Mostly known for their red wines, the winery produces some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the world.

Los Vascos Wines

Los Vascos
Le Dix
Las Huertas



– Tour of the beautiful vineyards.
– Tour of the winery where they produce Premium and Ultra-Premium wines.
– 4 wines: Select 4 wines from Basic to Premium lines
– Tours offered in English and Spanish


Address Info:

Vina Los Vascos, Camino Pumanque, Peralillo, Colchagua, Chile

Connie Poblete Cofounder & Experience Designer Colchagua Wine Tours

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