Timing your visit to the beautiful Valley of Colchagua really depends on what you are interested in doing.  If the wineries are what draw you to Colchagua — then you are in the right place.  However, there are many other things to do in Colchagua including museums, casinos, hiking, horseback riding, biking, camping, hot springs, cultural activities, beaches (only an hour away..) and much more for your enjoyment.

January and February are the peak summer vacation months in Chile and the weather is consistently clear and sunny — both cool in the mountains and along the coast and hot in between which makes it ideal for many activities.

Many visitors like to take in the museums in Colchagua between wine tours. The Colchagua Museum (Museo de Colchagua) is the largest private and world renowned museum in Latin America that offers visitors a truly unique experience with a visually and highly informative exhibition about Chilean and South American history.  With more than 18 sections to explore in this extraordinary place, including exhibitions with collections of fossils, the jewels of the Andes with items made by the Olmeca, Maya, Aztec, Moche, Chimu and Incas cultures, and a hall filled with classic automobiles, trains and antique farming machinery, the Museum of Colchagua is an excellent choice for travelers that want to learn more about Chilean history.  The newest addition to the Colchagua Museum is the 33 Miners Exhibit which has many testimonial pieces on display. The room is dedicated to not only the miners, who were stuck for two months underground in 2010, but to those who helped rescue them.

Visitors can peruse at their leisure. For those interested in viewing all the exhibits, the entire tour is approximately 4 hours. Headsets are available for various translations.

Other local museums include the San Jose del Carmen de El Huique Museum, Museo del Automóvil, Vina Santa Cruz and the Lolol Handicrafts Museum which houses a large collection of national Chilean handicrafts.

If you are looking to enjoy a little nightlife during your stay, Casino Colchagua, is the perfect place to relax.  This casino is located in the heart of colonial Santa Cruz and is a blend of new technology and the traditional huasa of Colchagua Valley.  The casino offers a friendly and casual atmosphere with the latest and greatest slots, including 230 gaming machines,16 game tables for Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Big Six, Punta Banco, War, Caribbean Draw Poker and Poker.  There is also a bingo hall, two bars and a stage for live shows.

Chile is home to some of the world’s biggest telescopes with its crystal clear skies and bone dry air. While these powerful telescopes reside in the north, the observatory at the Santa Cruz winery, Observatorio Cerro Chaman, boasts the most powerful telescope in Chile outside of Chile’s astronomical observatory and is a perfect perfect place for stargazing.