Things To Do in Colchagua

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Museums in Colchagua

For those of you planning a trip in Colchagua Valley, we've put together a list of the popular museums to checkout during your visit. The museums p...
Colchagua Wine Tours - Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Colchagua

Discover the beauty of Colchagua Valley on horseback, riding along scenic trails or in the local vineyards. This is a fun way to see the beautiful ...
Cerro Chaman Observatory in Colchagua Valley

Observatory Cerro Chaman

While Northern Chile is highly regarded for its observatories, Colchagua Valley has one of the most powerful telescope in the region. The Observato...
Casino Colchagua Santa Cruz

Enjoy Casino Colchagua

Enjoy Casino Colchagua is located right in the center of Santa Cruz and is a major tourist attraction for many visitors. This is a fun way to spend...
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