Colchagua Restaurants

Fuegos de Apalta by Francis Mallmann

Fuegos de Apalta

Montes winery opened a new restaurant, Fuegos de Apalta, in March 2017 which is situated just behind the winery among the vineyards. Enclosed in glass...
ino Bello Italian Restaurant Santa Cruz Colchagua Chile

Vino Bello Restaurant

Located next to the picturesque Laura Hartwig Winery, Vino Bello Restaurant specializes in Italian food with an American Mediterranean touch.  Guests ...
Casa Colchagua

Casa Colchagua Restaurant

Casa Colchagua Restaurant opened their doors in December 2014. Created by owner and chef Giovanna Vanni, who was the head chef at Restaurant Vino Bell...
Viu Manet La Rayuela Restaurant

Rayuela Wine and Grill Restaurant

Rayuela Wine and Grill Restaurant, located on the award winning Viu Manent estate,  is a very nice dining experience for guests.  It's a charming and ...
la-famiglia de santis italian restaurant santa cruz colchagua chile

La Famiglia de Santis

La Famiglia de Santis is a warm and cozy Italian restaurant that has beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer a nice selection of fresh past...
los-varietales restaurant santa cruz colchagua chile

Los Varietales Restaurant

Los Varietales Restaurant of Hotel Santa Cruz is known for traditional Chilean food. The menu is extensive and the dishes are spread between appeti...
bar-chaman hotel santa cruz plaza colchagua chile

Bar Chaman

Bar Chaman is a quaint and cozy restaurant & bar located in the Santa Cruz Hotel.  The setting is intimate and casual and it's a perfect choice fo...
Casa Silva Polo Club House Restaurant

Club House Restaurant at Casa Silva

Club House Restaurant at the Casa Silva Winery has breathtaking views of the vineyards and the Polo Field. Their outstanding cuisine is prepared wi...
Papers Brother Bar

Papers Brothers Bar

Papers Brothers Bar feels just like an Irish Pub. The walls are covered with retro posters and visitors can enjoy watching a concert or game on the la...
Cafe de la Vina Viu Manent

Winery Cafe Viu Manent

The Winery Cafe Viu Manent is a charming cafe and the perfect place to sit outside, relax and enjoy the views of the vineyards and horse carriage ride...
Restaurant Casita Barreales

La Casita de Barreales

For those who are looking to indulge in some delicious Peruvian cuisine, La Casita de Barreales is the place.  Situated in a century-old adobe house l...
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